3D Printing

Original Prusa i3 MK3


I'm currently printing on a Prusa i3 MK3 (left). It's an excellent printer which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable home or office FDM printer for under $1000. I'm not affiliated with Prusa in any way, I'm just a fan! Before upgrading to the Prusa, I used an original Series 1 from Type A Machines (right). The Series 1 is a good printer and it is still running reliably since 2013. I also have experience using an M3D Micro. My next printer project will be to add the multi-material upgrade to the Prusa, and I'm very excited to see what it can do!

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Take a look below to see a small sample of the personal projects I've made over the years. The description for each piece will indicate if it was designed by me or found online, and I provide a link to the model if applicable.

Type A Machines Series 1 (2012)

Jet Engine

Jet Engine

This is a fantastic high-bypass turbofan model by Chris Shakal. The build took several weeks, owing to all of the small parts to print in different colors. I designed custom 3D printed bearings for the spools, which leaves the fasteners as the only non-printed parts. This build was for my sister, who wanted to use it for her aviation maintenance studies.


Terminator Bust

The T-800 shown here has been remixed and modified by several artists on Thingiverse, and it is one of my favorite items to print as a gift. It requires no added support, and typically turns out looking terrific. The print above was made at high-detail and a color change between the base and the sculpture.



I designed this model of the famous candlestick based on many still images and video freeze-frames. The goal was to make him approximately life-size and able to hold tea-candles in his hands. I used Blender as my modeling platform due to the complex curvature. My wife is a huge Disney fan and this is one of many props I have made for her.

USS Enterprise

Here is a model I designed by studying blueprints found online. I'm quite happy with the end result, which features a display stand based on the original series badge. Most people who walk by my desk are surprised to learn that this model is 3D printed, since it is larger than most printers could accommodate. It is still one of my favorite prints after several years.

Genie's Lamp

Genie's Lamp

No prop collection would be complete without a life-size replica of Genie's lamp. I modeled this piece from images and stills, then printed it on my Series 1 printer. It is a favorite among my nieces, along with the tiara I made based on Sleeping Beauty.

Warlord Titan

Standing only 8 inches tall, this titan is not quite large enough to join the tabletop games that I made it for, but it still makes for a fun display piece. This piece was designed by Daniel Cumming, along with many many other tabletop figures.

Skyscraper Chess

This is one of my earlier designs, consisting of several well known buildings from around the U.S. I found most of the building models on 3D Warehouse, however they required extensive mesh repairs to become printable models. Another fun fact is that the game board is made of streets and cars, complete with traffic jams. :-)